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Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association (HANA)

Resources and Information

Purpose: Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association’s goal is to create a community-oriented neighborhood, safe and enjoyable, for all those living within its boundaries. We value open channels of communication to promote the building of good relations between neighbors, to foster a clean and attractive environment, to effectively deal with crime issues, to protect existing land uses in the area, and to generally make the neighborhood a better place to live. The association membership includes residents, property owners, and businesses.

ByLaws (click to view and download): Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association ByLaws

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Neighborhood Maps/Districts

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Navajo Wash

Overview: Navajo Wash Park

Navajo Wash is a seasonal waterway running across East Fort Lowell near Mountain Avenue and through what was once vacant land and is now a pocket park in the Hedrick Acres Neighborhood. In 2007, city, university, and local leaders established the park and a park-and-ride lot for university staff and students. The arrangement tasked the neighborhood with cleanup and maintenance, the city with refuse removal, and the university with security. Over the ensuing years, the wash has evolved --with the help of a dedicated group of neighborhood volunteers who meet regularly to pick-up trash, prune the vegetation, and maintain walkways and water berms -- into a diverse desert arboretum with groundcover and tree canopy to support a variety of wildlife. A boundary wall received a colorful mural thanks to a neighborhood grant from the city; Salpointe High School’s science classes and Ecology Club have studied the area intensely and reported their results in a dozen final projects; and local residents have contributed artwork and an interactive message board. Navajo Wash also attracts some undesirable activity too. Homeless encampments and drug use are more common now, but are kept to a minimum by the collaborative efforts of the neighborhood residents, board members, and volunteers.

Click to view and download:  Navajo Wash Master Plan

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