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HANA is run by volunteers and we are always open to new ways to improve the neighborhood. All positions are open to new volunteers at our Spring Election Meeting. Please let us know if you’re interested in filling one of these positions or volunteering in some other way.

Board Positions: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor
Read more about these positions in Hedrick Acres Neighborhood Association ByLaws

Other Volunteer Positions:

  • District Representatives: Help facilitate communication within and between different areas of the neighborhood.   Click Here to see the Neighborhood Maps/Districts
  • Tucson Clean & Beautiful Lead: Organize volunteers to pick up trash in Navajo Wash regularly and report outcomes to Tucson Clean & Beautiful.
  • Navajo Wash 2nd Saturday Cleanup volunteers: No need to sign up, just come on out and lend a hand around 8am on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  • Webmaster: Maintain and update the neighborhood’s new website.

Submit to Newsletter
Got an idea for an article or story in the newsletter? Email ideas and drafts to us at  We are always interested in learning more about the amazing people and businesses that make up our community!

Join the HANA Listserv
Did you know HANA has a listserv to keep up to date with what’s happening in the neighborhood? The purpose of the listserv is to provide HANA members a means to communicate with each other about issues of concern to the neighborhood without all the ads and crazy comments on Nextdoor. The listserv is moderated, but all members can post to the group; new members can be added by emailing

To find the listserv, enter the URL

Then click on the URL/hotlink in the group name, and the message board should open to show all messages to date. Members can also find the listserv by going to Google Groups and clicking on “My Groups.” The Hedrick Acres group should be listed there.

You can adjust your settings to receive all emails individually or as a daily digest of emails. To post or reply to a message, email

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